Mission Statement The Higher Education CIO Council- UAE (CIO Council) is a member governed group whose purpose is to provide an open and collaborative forum for higher education IT leaders in the UAE to share ideas, knowledge, expertise and resources for the purpose of advancing the effective use of technology in higher education in the UAE.

For more see this UAE Higher Education CIO Council Overview.

Purpose of The Group The purpose of the group will include (but not be limited to):

  • Sharing challenges, ideas and best practices between member organizations
  • Examining issues raised by other similar regional and global organizations (e.g. Educause) and discussing how they affect their own institutions in the local context.
  • Achieving economies of scale through cooperating on bulk purchasing/ licensing agreements.
  • Functioning as a collegial group for the mutual discussion of common issues and challenges
  • Acting as a forum to showcase achievements and successes
  • Working as a group to achieve common goals or address common challenges (e.g. with vendors)
  • Sharing of policies and procedures as well as best practices among members and promoting common standards
  • Forming linkages with other organizational networks (e.g. Ankabut) to promote common agendas.
  • Developing joint staffing arrangements where two or more member institutions may enter into an agreement to share specialist staff
  • Sharing expensive or scare resources or those resources that gain value through resource pooling (e.g. Grid and Super-computing)
  • Working together to form consortia that could benefit from shared access to resources (e.g. similar to the Liwa consortium which has been developed by Higher Education Library Sector)
  • Collaborating on joint funding, research or grant proposals
  • Forming of subgroups to look at specialist areas (e.g. grid computing)
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